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Building "junk" turned green projects touted boutique stone
Time:2013-10-11 02:37:28  Source:  Clicks:4413  Tags:green projects,boutique stone

Gray concrete piles of scrap waste, after simple treatment machine, it becomes as beautiful and terrazzo stone color reproduction. This amazing machine has become a pavilion ITEFCEWC one of the stars, this machine and its research and development in the Western Fair which took place at the story, let reporters to tell you.

Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Fang Ho Foster: "This was successfully developed, currently on the market have not already."

Merchants: "Take that cement can be processed into scrap waste?"

Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Fang Ho Foster: "No they do not want to crush plant, on-site processing disposable molded."

First time ITEFCEWC Ho Yeung Ching, how did not think that their company developed "concrete road cutting machine" an exhibition on the subject of so welcome, the company hired the narrator is not enough, he guest commentary, and then plus and merchants matchmaking, half down hoarse. He raised a positive cutting machine, without chemical change, it can be removed to cut scrap concrete pavement beautiful building stone , the old Ho said, he's such a machine but also with sprinklers, not only turning waste into treasure , removal Shihai reduce dust pollution.

Approaching lunch time, and why Foster noticed a turn in the booth where several laps of young people. Getting calls, where health and excited. The young man called Wu Kun born at home in Xi'an Bridge. Recently where they are engaged in demolition, this machine can see the construction waste recycling, Wu Kun born on the initiation of the investment idea.

Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Fang Ho Foster: "Motor a start, up and down, the operation is very convenient. Nobody thought put the cement pavement recycling."

Health Kun Wu Xian merchants: "Right, right, both when the garbage down."

After a brief scene, where dependents are arranging for employees with the intention of businessmen led several field trips to the scene, he was a bite to eat after the first shop and one more important thing, go to the construction site with you later confluence.

Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Fang Ho Foster: "There is a 2:30 pm seminar, I went to see what can no longer promote the meeting advertise."

Ho Foster said this promotion is a West contact the conference trade promotion activities ---- Shaanxi environmental protection new products and technology promotion. Local merchants are now basically because of his interest in the project, he does not know how to break into the markets of other provinces, contact the West have heard of promotion activities, he decided to go pushing their own projects. To promote the scene, with his imagination at first some discrepancies.

Provincial Environmental Protection Department staff: "Let this promotion is from last November, they began planning, have you this time it was too late, if you want to learn, you can sit back listen to, how they promote their products and technologies.

Although we can not stage promotion, but the staff let any health information on the card and stay at the venue, as we from the venue to the construction site of the road, where Yangzheng data should have been more than a little regret. To the scene, Wu Kun and several other merchants are still raw.


Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Fang Ho Foster: "The blade size can be changed, so you can change to the maximum diameter of three meters and this saw head can be cut to 1,300 meters, 1,300 meters around the saw head unloaded, re-weld The consideration is very low. "


Ukrainian businessmen Health Kun: "This is probably down to the value of more than 50 million."


Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Fang Ho Foster: "What you do first give you cheaper, give you a discount it."


Ukrainian businessmen Health Kun: "After this time with someone you know very happy. Walk toward the new venture."


Industrial Co., Ltd., general manager of Shaanxi Yuan Fang Ho Foster: "We have produced the current shortage of recycled stone, but the machine was a year did not sell. ITEFCEWC first day had more than 40 customers to order my machine and I wanted to make my Western contact through the machine to the country, to the world. "


Reporter: "Architecture garbage into stone; leftovers are broken down in the environment protection and energy Pavilion ITEFCEWC each booth, there is a story of turning waste into treasure, but a lot of these magical baby was kept in purdah less human knowledge. ITEFCEWC will more environmentally friendly energy products to the market, we found ITEFCEWC of environmentally friendly energy Pavilion hot phenomenon, the product more, showing everybody in the enhancement of environmental awareness; But compared with other pavilions , environmental museum, something like a gathering place for SMEs and we look forward to more extensive mature green products into the market, looking forward to be more environmentally friendly large-scale enterprises, but also looking forward to import multi-force, work together to build a beautiful Shaanxi. "