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slab During Installation
Time:2013-10-11 02:50:45  Source:  Clicks:5268  Tags:marble,slab,slab During

If you crack a marble counter or table top while you are in the process of installing it, don't fret; you do not need to purchase a new slab of. Cracks in marble can be fixed at home without the help of a professional. Large cracks can be a problem for obvious reasons, but even small cracks can lead to trouble. Small cracks not only look unpleasant, but they weaken the integrity of the marble and serve as a collection flower pot for bacteria, which can become a health hazard.


Instructions as follows:


Firstly, mix 10 parts water, two parts calcined magnesite and four parts powdered marble in a bucket. The resulting mixture should form a semi-fluid paste.


Secondly, fill the crack with the paste. The entire crack should be filled. Try not to leave any air gaps or bubbles in the paste.


Thirdly, let the paste dry for 24 hours.


Fourthly, paint the dried paste with aniline dye that matches the base color of the marble tile . Depending on the color of the marble, multiple colors of aniline dye may need to be mixed to match the exact color. Use a camel hair brush to apply the dye.


Fifthly, let the dye dry. Depending on the amount of dye used, it may take one to two hours for the dye to completely dry.


Sixthly, paint the veins of the marble with aniline dye that matches the color of the marble's veins. The veins are what give the marbled its "marbled" look. If you are unsure how to create the color of the marble or veins, visit a local paint or hardware store and ask a professional to assist you.