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Refinish a Cultured Marble Countertop
Time:2013-10-11 02:47:28  Source:  Clicks:5449  Tags:Marble Countertop,stones

Refinishing a cultured marble block is an easy way to remodel the kitchen countertop . Cultureds are naturally aesthetically pleasing and very durable. However, surfaces are heavily-used household surfaces, prone to daily wear and tear and neglectful handling. A refinished cultured marble is endowed with the natural luster and brilliance associated with new countertop surfaces. To refinish your cultured marble, use the following information.


Step 1—Getting Started: Safety Precautions & Basic Cleaning


Equip yourself with plastic gloves and safety goggles. Start by washing the countertop surface. Prepare a cleaning solution with some soap and distilled water. Dip a sponge in this solution and use it to wipe the cultured marble countertop. Follow this by mildly brushing the soaped surface.


Ensure that you use soft-bristled brushes for scraping-off the dirt. Hard bristles can permanently scratch the stone surface. Similarly, for preparing the cleaning solution, use mild soaps used in the kitchen and not laundry detergents that can stain the surface.


Lay special emphasis on cleaning the surface around seams and chrome fittings. Rinse repeatedly with distilled water to wash-off any soap residues. Distilled water is recommended since hard water can form mineral deposits on cultured marble countertop.


Step 2—Removing Hard Stains


For removing matured and hard-water stains, use non-abrasive cleaners specifically retailed for stone surfaces. These cleaners don’t stain the culture stone countertop surface and act on the mineral build-up only. They are excellent for removing stains of rust and food-spills. Use a soft, dry cloth for applying the branded cleaner even if it is retailed with soft brushes.