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China's stone industry in the coming three major trends
Time:2013-10-11 02:41:40  Source:  Clicks:4898  Tags:stone industry

China's stone industry after years of development, the gradual shift from serious pollution, low-tech, relying on hand-made development into low-carbon, mechanical production mainly to industrial clusters as the fulcrum of the modern industry. China's stone industry to achieve such a large development of this internal restructuring and industry are inseparable. Currently showing stone industry cluster development. In recent years, the number of domestic stone industry cluster growing, expanding, with a certain scale stone industry over 30. Stone led to the development of industrial clusters logistics and transport, machinery maintenance, construction and installation, and other related industries, which also led to the development of regional areas.


Champoux consulting building materials industry analyst pointed out: the next stone industry has three major trends.


First: A few years ago, the development of stone industry focused selection of materials, and now is the key technology, some natural stone thinning process can be used to make opaque jade or striped marble , granite , quartz becomes translucent, so that which has a translucent effect, which is the use of interior design has brought new possibilities. Backlit natural stone or become the next darling.


Second: With the deepening of the concept of green, a variety of high-quality green alternatives have begun to appear. This will push the stone industry into a new round of development stage. The concept of green building more and more popular, with the exception of artificial stone, the stone industry can be a number of recycling waste materials, made of new material, which can save resources, in addition to the development of new materials, but also the green elements into design philosophy. Future, the stone industry is entering the era of green ideas.


Three are: the stone industry will extend decoration industry, stone has been more and more widely used in the kitchen industry.


According to Champoux Consulting released the "2013-2017s market research report" shows: 10 years ago, China's stone industry there is a certain blindness, lack of scientific planning, resulting in waste of resources, environmental pollution, ecological damage and other issues. Now with the various regions of the resource-saving environmental issues more and more attention, reducing the waste of resources, destruction of the ecological environment and so on. The future, as China's economy continues to grow steadily, China's stone industry development space will be increasing, and the momentum has gradually become strong. The stone industry increasingly focused on environmental protection, but also makes the stone industry will usher in a more beautiful spring.